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Safety Assessments
are offered for:

Industrial chemicals (REACH)
Chemical products
Food additives
Degradation products
Leachable substances
......and other compounds


Regulatory Safety Sciences

Consultant in Regulatory Toxicology and Risk/Safety Assessment


From 1 September 2019 RegSafe will scale down the safety assessment services and more focus on educational activities.

  I would thus like to thank all clients for a fantastic period of
    consultancy and very good co-operations over the years.


   RegSafe Regulatory Safety Sciences, Consultant in
   Regulatory Toxicology and Risk/Safety Assessment
formed in early 2004 by Lars Wiklund, ERT, Safety Assessor/Senior Toxicologist. Lars previously had a position at Pharmacia World Wide Toxicology. Altogether this provides almost 35 years of experience in chemical, pharmaceutical and consumer products safety assessments.     

  He is also highly involved as a teacher at international programmes and courses, e.g. Global Master Programme in Toxicology, Karolinska Institutet.


                                        Lars Wiklund, ERT, M. Sc.

                      RegSafe is based in Stockholm (Stocksund), Sweden.